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Sweetheart, you bring me highs that wear down fast.

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Winkzx [Apr. 10th, 2008|01:05 am]
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Someone approached me in msn today. And, I find it totally cool. His msn was rotting there for about 1yr or so? He was someone I was deeply in love with! HAHAHAHA. Hilarious. (he still think i am the xmm he used to know) Back to the topic. And, I started thinking about the things I've done in the past, those times when I hung out with that clique, the whole of 2006. Going for their performances and gigs and supporting them all the way. Had late night movies at town, counting down Christmas and New Year. We even had a reunion dinner, steamboat. I still can clearly remember half of the time I was peeling prawns for Jefferey. Bugis Icon roof top was the best place to hang out. We chill, smoke and let time past. I love the company. Those memorable times. HAHAHAHA, esp The Adventure of Ice. The coolest thing ever, chasing after him and that made me laughed real hard. That was how crazy we were. People looked at them differently. A whole bunch of long hair guys, and some were even longer than mine T_T Lucky I had long hair during those times. And yes, I would never forget how their fans chased after them like mad. Until now, I still have no idea why the whole clique went seperate ways. Due to some conflicts I guess. Happy moments, friends come and go yea?


I think I've changed so much. I used to be those girly vain bimbo that applies make up and dolls up with cute little dresses and yes with heels. I was caught smoking thrice, scoring the worse grades ever and I never fail to dissapoint my parents. Suprisingly, I never been to detention in my life but in house suspension due to smoking. I was once an "ahlian", I think, I am so horrible. HAHAHA. Which is something nothing to be proud of. The people around me pampered me well. I still have my dearest girls, Jeannifer, Roxanne, Shuana and Sally. Looking back, after all these while, they're still there never ending crapping. I have no idea how I live my life for 17years, eating my life away. I live life once, and I did so much. Not alot though. There were happy times and yes sad times too.

I just feel like typing all these. I dont find my past ugly, I FIND IT PRETTY COOL LA DEY.

Anwanw, I need to feature this blog. Khai's blog. IT IS TOTALLY COOL. Dont ask me what, why or what so ever. If you know me well, you'll know :D http://www.and-youare.blogspot.com/

Now, I cant wait for my Man Utd match to start! :D Man Utd is gonna win, trust me darlings.

From: (Anonymous)
2008-04-12 03:22 pm (UTC)

Clara Teo

Still remember me. i bet you forgot.
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